How to become a client of the Internet-shop?

To become a client of the Internet-shop, it is necessary to be registered and submit an Order. An account will be opened for you in the Internet-shop and the purchase price will be fixed for 24 hours. Within 24 hours, you need to make a payment for the ordered bars and send a copy of your payment by e-mail. If within 24 hours the confirmation of payment is not received, the buyer’s order will be canceled.

Which bars can I buy?

The company specializes on the sale of investment bars produced in Switzerland weighing from 1 to 100 grams, as these are the most popular and affordable gold bars.

For what amount can I submit an order?

At single purchases, you can submit an Order for any amount.

Why does the company charge a fee for processing the orders?

The company buys bars of investment gold from Switzerland and delivers them to a specialized storehouse in Estonia. Expenses for transportation, storage, insurance, and a profit of the dealer are calculated into the cost of gold. The company sells gold to the buyers under the cost price, but adds a fee for processing and conducting the Order of the buyer at a rate of 6%, which is subtracted at the end of the Order.

Where will my gold be stored?

For its customers, the company Ilgargold acquires investment gold from Switzerland and places it for safekeeping into a specialized storehouse of precious metals in Estonia. From there it is sent to the buyers worldwide.

How I can receive my gold?

Within the EU and in those countries where there is no VAT and import duties, investment bars are sent by insured mail, to the other countries bars are not delivered due to logistic reasons. The buyer himself chooses the method of receiving the bars. Bars can be received in a place of their storage, under the preliminary arrangement in Estonia. They will be delivered from a specialized storehouse. The preliminary application must be sent at least 7 days prior. All costs associated with receiving investment gold shall be covered by the Buyer.

Can I sell the bars back to the company?

Yes, of course, the company buys your investment gold under for the prices of a current day. If the bars were purchased from the company and were in the client’s hands, the examination and verification of authenticity will be made, after that the price will be determined. If the bars were in the storehouse, the purchase will be carried out under the prices of the Internet-shop.

What is the marketing program Ilgargold?

Program Ilgargold is an advertising-marketing program, specially developed for the increase of a sales volume, advertising and attraction of clients. The arrived Order of the buyer takes a place on a table of orders and on the basis of mathematical algorithm, on the arrival of new orders, moves ahead to the bonus compensation. Participation in program Ilgargold provides an opportunity to pay for the Order in parts, at the expense of personal means and the Credit bonuses, charged to the order of the client and intended for purchase of investment gold.

How I can participate in the marketing program?

You need to issue an order for the purchase of an investment gold and pay a coupon order to purchase investment bars.

What number of Orders can I issue under the Ilgargold program?

Only one Order. After its termination you can issue a new Order or prolong the previous one by the method of reinvestment.

Is there a time limit for the payment of all the amount under the Ilgargold program?

Time is not limited.

What is a Coupon-order?

Coupon-order – is a means of payment within the system.

Coupon-order includes: 1 gram gold bar, a prepayment for the purchase of bars in a weight under 100 grams, a payment of a support service and Internet services – 20.00 € per cycle.

Cost of the coupon 100,00 € + 20.00 € = 120,00 €, 120€ + 30€ = 150€, and 500,00 € + 50.00 € = 550,00 €

Coupon-order on the 1st table: 120 €

Coupon-order on the 2nd table: 150 €

Coupon-order on the 3rd table: 550 €

By what means does the company pay a bonus compensation?

There is a considerable quantity of trade enterprises and banks in the world which are engaged in trade of investment bars and coins. And it is no secret that advertising and attracting new customers requires money, regardless of how it is implemented. Ilgargold has developed a special marketing program to increase sales and attract customers. The company advances a part of gathering for processing of orders of the buyers on financing of the advertising – marketing program and on execution of the Order of the buyer subtracts administrative expenses for Order processing.

When will I receive my gold bars?

Charge of Credit bonuses occurs at the end of each cycle of the Order. Each owner of the order has a right to refuse an order within 14 days. After this term purchase of bars will be made. As the delivery will be made by the postal service, delivery time is 4-5 days, the bars of an investment gold you will receive in 3-4 weeks after the release of the reward.

If I have made the payment of the order, may I participate in a marketing program to attract customers?

You have already fulfilled the order and bought gold. The marketing program is developed only for those who wish to execute the order at the expense of the combined payment, i.e. at the expense of personal means and the received bonus compensation. If you wish to participate in the marketing program it is necessary for you to issue a new Order and to get the Coupon for the payment of the made Order.

What is reinvestment?

For full execution of the order, the Order of the buyer should pass two cycles on the Main table of orders. After completing the first cycle of the main table of orders, the company gives a possibility for transition of the Order of the buyer to the second cycle and on termination of which, the Order is completely fulfilled. If the Order of the buyer has not received necessary quantity of credit bonuses after completing two cycles, the Buyer has the right to carry out of the obligations on the end of the Order at the expense of own means. If the Buyer does not execute the Order, the Order is automatically extended for another two cycles at the expense of the bonuses of the Buyer. And this way until the full completion of the Order.

Can I run away from reinvestment?

Yes. This tool is given by the company, only as an additional possibility for completing an order at the expense of Credit bonuses, and it is provided only once for two cycles. When you refuse reinvestment at the end of the second cycle, you will need to fulfill your obligations to complete the order at the expense of own means.

Can I get out from reinvestment, if I have fulfilled my obligations for the order?

Yes you can. The order is considered executed. You can get your investment gold. But if you get out of reinvestment, then your order also ceases to participate in the program.

Can I transfer my order to another buyer?

Yes, you can, any time.

This requires that the new owner of the order is registered in the online store.

The statement from the actual Owner of the order about a transfer, sent by e-mail, making note of the e-mail address used at registration.

The statement of consent from the new Owner of the order, in the form of an e-mail, making note of the e-mail address used at registration.

As the transfer of the Order to the new Owner, involves considerable additional costs, the company will charge a fee for this transfer service which amounts to 50,00 €.

May I perform my obligations on the execution of my order by the means of the marketing program?

The company has developed the marketing program, as an additional possibility for the execution of the Order of the buyer and everything depends on the effort made by the owner of the order to promote its order to the bonus compensation. You must fulfill the marketing formula 1+1 and 1+2, i.e. the order submitted by the buyer must attract two new orders. Only in this case the Order of the buyer moves to the compensation.

What is a cycle?

All incoming customer orders are placed on the first level of the Table of orders and in the process of receiving new Orders move on levels and advance to the compensation. Order of the buyer must pass three or four levels on the Table of orders. This is a cycle. At an exit of the Order from the fourth level to the compensation, the cycle comes to the end and to the order of the buyer bonus compensation is charged on which the gold bars are bought.