Ilgargold’s business mechanics

To expand the market and increase sales, company Ilgargold has developed a new business model.

The model is a specially designed system based on a mathematical algorithm. A specially designed computer program provides an opportunity to carry out and complete the cycles of purchases and sales of gold bars with the participation of the buyers, thereby expanding the market worldwide.

Now everyone who wants to own investment gold, has an opportunity to submit an order for the purchase and sale of investment gold and participate in the Ilgargold program. In addition, the Buyer must fulfill easy, minimal conditions of the program available to all segments of the population. One has to attract only two new customers.

The sales system, developed by the experts of Ilgargold, includes the best elements of modern marketing.

All incoming customer orders are placed on one table of orders and in process of receipt of new Orders move ahead on compensation and make its completion.

Owners of the orders work together on filling one common table of orders

The order of the buyer has to pass a cycle

The revolving system allows to submit a new Order on the termination of the Order of the buyer

Unlimited quantity of closed cycles